Terrorism and Incursion Into Homes : A Study of Selected Poems In Razaq Malik’s No Home In This Land





Abduction, Incursion of homes, Homelessness, Terrorist attacks, Victims


In recent years, the world has witnessed  an alarming surge in acts of terrorism and incursions targeting private residences. This act of aggression not only pose a grave threat to adults but also children. Women and children are victimized, subjecting them to various forms of dehumanization such as rape, force marriage, abduction and captivity. Terrorist activities  disproportionately affect women and results into loss of tranquility and security a home should offer. This paper sets out to investigate the experiences of the victims and the aftermath  effects it has on  them, especially women and children as they are displaced  and  maltreated. Terrorist activities lead to bloodshed, homelessness, hunger, loss of lives and property, and wide spread diseases. This paper adopts a qualitative method. All information is drawn from the selected chapbook, articles, journals and the internet. The paper concludes that   failure of the government to deal decisively with the menace is an indicator of poor political leadership and absence of good governance. It then recommends that the government should adopt a comprehensive policy to take immediate step(s) to strengthen and expand measures to protect women and children. A synergy should be formed with members of the international community in tackling insecurity and insurgency in Nigeria.





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Azeez , A. S., Bakare , T. O., & Balogun, S. O. (2023). Terrorism and Incursion Into Homes : A Study of Selected Poems In Razaq Malik’s No Home In This Land. Journal of College of Languages and Communication Arts Education , 2(1), 141–147. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.8321165